Tuesday, 18 February 2014

I Hate Shopping! (Or rather, I used to ...)

I have always hated shopping.

Living as I do with a family of termites, I regard the onerous task of food shopping along similar lines to painting the Severn Bridge. Whilst I couldn't physically squash any more food into my trolley or my cupboards, there never seemed to be anything to eat in our house. My big shop was not so much monthly as bi-weekly! I flirted once or twice with the internet variety with free delivery, but still lost the will to live.

My saving grace was making myself shop in a different store and being determined to buy totally different products. OK, so there was still nothing much to eat in our house, but it certainly was a lot more interesting than the same old, same old in Sainsbury's. And I sort of enjoyed the experience - rash words, coming from me!

My biggest stumbling block however has always been shopping for clothes. At 5'2'', size 6/8 and long body/short legs,  I could never find anything to fit. I often resorted to browsing the children's departments - cheaper by far, but at 51 years of age, didn't think Tinkerbell fairies and butterflies was a good look for me. Teen clothes were a slightly better bet, but didn't want to risk the mutton/lamb dilemma and Grown Up's shops seem to assume that everybody my height is also fat.

I've never needed an excuse to give up on shopping - that feeling comes naturally and very quickly, usually overwhelming me after the first 5 minutes. That is - until today!

So what was different about today? I went to this fabulous shop - Dream On www.facebook.com/DreamOnSuffolk - I allowed myself plenty of time, opened my mind to new ideas and allowed someone to help me. Nicki fetched and carried for me, found me loads of things to try on (and in my size, AND most of them fitted). She could instantly pick up on how certain outfits made me feel, and didn't ever try to pressure me or push her own opinion onto me.

With Nicki's help, I brought about change and it feels GREAT!! Sometimes we all need a Nicki - but we also need to open our minds, move out of our comfort zone, give ourselves time and accept help.

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  1. Thank you Jo - you were a lovely customer to help. Willing to try some new looks, some of which worked and some that didn't - but you looked great in your new outfits! xx