Thursday 27 February 2014

Another One for all Mums-to-Be (especially if you're fed up and/or impatient)!

You've waited 40 weeks for this - and nothing's happening. You've driven up and down the bumpiest road in the neighbourhood, eaten a red hot curry and even tried sex (hopefully not after the curry - too much) - but still Baby refuses to make an appearance.

If you're looking for a more holistic approach to induction of labour and the birthing process, then Five Element Acupuncture is definitely an option worth looking into. It offers a safe, drug-free and relaxing alternative to the Western Medicine approach and can be undertaken once pregnancy has reached full term. It is especially useful if Mum is feeling anxious or fearful about the forthcoming labour.

Often only a single treatment is required, and then Mum is sent home with instructions of how to reinforce the treatment at home (but not with needles) with the help of her Birthing Partner. If required, two treatments can be carried out within 36 hours - this is particularly indicated if the deadline for conventional intervention is very close. 

Mum will also receive an information sheet of acupressure points which are really useful during the various stages of labour, including points which help to get and keep things going, through to points for relaxation and pain relief. This is a wonderful way of involving the Partner and helps the couple to bond during this very special time.

Once Baby has arrived, there are things that Mum and Partner can do to help the womb contract after birth and to help with pain relief and healing.

Five Element Acupuncture is also helpful in instances of breech or transverse presentation - see my blog

Tuesday 25 February 2014

Can a Leopard Change its Spots?

So here's the thing. I had the most exciting shopping spree of my life last week, I went out of my comfort zone and tried on lots of 'different' things and came away with a new look and four new outfits.

Easier than I thought and much more fun than I expected.

Then came the hard part. I've actually got to WEAR these clothes - and for a whole day at a time, not just for a couple of minutes flouncing around the changing room in front of the mirror.

I have to admit that I am that person who buys something new but leaves it in the shopping bag for weeks on end before even hanging it up, let alone wearing it.

So this time I did it differently. The outfits came out of the carrier immediately and I hung them on the outside of my wardrobe so that they could shout 'WEAR ME' every time I looked at them.

Day 1 went well - piece of cake - even sent Nicki at 'Dream On' a text to boast about my achievement.

Day 2 - slight waver. Almost reached for the good old, comfortable favourite, but resisted. But already I could feel the pull of familiarity trying to edge its way back in. I realised that Day 3 would fail unless I acquired a couple of additional items (leggings and flatties), so I took another trip out and snapped those up, easy as wink.

Which meant that Day 3 was a success - three new items all at once. And armed and ready for Day 4.

But all of this got me thinking. How ridiculous does this sound?  How difficult is it to buy new clothes and to wear them? Well, for most people it's not difficult at all, but it is for me.

The reality of this is - it's not the clothes that are the problem, it's change. Initiating change in our lives is hard. First we have to recognise the need for change, then we have to implement it. This may require us to seek help but we must be willing to not only ask for help, but also to receive the guidance that is offered (thank you, Nicki).

But it doesn't stop there. We need to work hard in order to keep the momentum going, to recognise our potential to revert to old, to anticipate this happening and to put things in place to ensure we stay on our new path. And the beauty of it is - the more we do it, the better we get at it. Yes, change is hard - it requires constant awareness and effort in the beginning, but soon it becomes second nature and is our new zone of comfort.

Day 5 and 6 a breeze. Day 7 was a slob out day so back to days of old, but Week 2 - here I come and I'm on to it!

Tuesday 18 February 2014

I Hate Shopping! (Or rather, I used to ...)

I have always hated shopping.

Living as I do with a family of termites, I regard the onerous task of food shopping along similar lines to painting the Severn Bridge. Whilst I couldn't physically squash any more food into my trolley or my cupboards, there never seemed to be anything to eat in our house. My big shop was not so much monthly as bi-weekly! I flirted once or twice with the internet variety with free delivery, but still lost the will to live.

My saving grace was making myself shop in a different store and being determined to buy totally different products. OK, so there was still nothing much to eat in our house, but it certainly was a lot more interesting than the same old, same old in Sainsbury's. And I sort of enjoyed the experience - rash words, coming from me!

My biggest stumbling block however has always been shopping for clothes. At 5'2'', size 6/8 and long body/short legs,  I could never find anything to fit. I often resorted to browsing the children's departments - cheaper by far, but at 51 years of age, didn't think Tinkerbell fairies and butterflies was a good look for me. Teen clothes were a slightly better bet, but didn't want to risk the mutton/lamb dilemma and Grown Up's shops seem to assume that everybody my height is also fat.

I've never needed an excuse to give up on shopping - that feeling comes naturally and very quickly, usually overwhelming me after the first 5 minutes. That is - until today!

So what was different about today? I went to this fabulous shop - Dream On - I allowed myself plenty of time, opened my mind to new ideas and allowed someone to help me. Nicki fetched and carried for me, found me loads of things to try on (and in my size, AND most of them fitted). She could instantly pick up on how certain outfits made me feel, and didn't ever try to pressure me or push her own opinion onto me.

With Nicki's help, I brought about change and it feels GREAT!! Sometimes we all need a Nicki - but we also need to open our minds, move out of our comfort zone, give ourselves time and accept help.

Monday 3 February 2014

Who's for the Chop?

Demand for cosmetic surgery rose by 17% last year, the biggest increase since the onset of the recession in 2008, leading to such comments as 'The UK public as well as the economy are getting back into shape'. 

Apparently requests for liposuction increased by a massive 41%, with breast implants, face lifts and Botox becoming increasingly popular.

But I find all of this quite frankly, rather worrying. I feel that it's a sad state of affairs that some people put so much importance on their looks. The surgical option is a form of denial - people are refusing to accept the course of nature and are trying to become something that they're not.  

I also see this as a form of insecurity, poor self-image and low self-esteem. Some are convinced that their small breasts/baggy eyes/wrinkles/wonky nose make them completely unattractive to others. How wrong can they be? After all, real beauty is on the inside and not just skin deep.

And how shallow is the person who says, 'I don't fancy my partner any more because they're going bald/they've got middle-aged spread/they've got a saggy bottom and breasts'? What about the person on the inside? Quite likely they're not the same as the 'younger model' - rather, they have probably become more rounded and mature, like a fine wine. Perhaps it's time for that person with shallow sentiments to follow suit and to work on seeing the bigger picture. 

So before you bare all and put yourself under the knife, consider the alternatives. Far cheaper, safer and much more fulfilling is to work on your INNER beauty - and this you can only do yourself, when the time is right and when you are ready to do so. And because it comes from you, and only you, it brings with it an immense sense of achievement and a change in attitude - and many rewards which will last a life time. 

Five Element Acupuncture can help you find your way back to you, to rediscover your inner beauty so that you can glow once more. - ring for a no obligation, informal chat in strictest confidence.

And unlike surgery, it's relatively pain free!