Thursday, 27 February 2014

Another One for all Mums-to-Be (especially if you're fed up and/or impatient)!

You've waited 40 weeks for this - and nothing's happening. You've driven up and down the bumpiest road in the neighbourhood, eaten a red hot curry and even tried sex (hopefully not after the curry - too much) - but still Baby refuses to make an appearance.

If you're looking for a more holistic approach to induction of labour and the birthing process, then Five Element Acupuncture is definitely an option worth looking into. It offers a safe, drug-free and relaxing alternative to the Western Medicine approach and can be undertaken once pregnancy has reached full term. It is especially useful if Mum is feeling anxious or fearful about the forthcoming labour.

Often only a single treatment is required, and then Mum is sent home with instructions of how to reinforce the treatment at home (but not with needles) with the help of her Birthing Partner. If required, two treatments can be carried out within 36 hours - this is particularly indicated if the deadline for conventional intervention is very close. 

Mum will also receive an information sheet of acupressure points which are really useful during the various stages of labour, including points which help to get and keep things going, through to points for relaxation and pain relief. This is a wonderful way of involving the Partner and helps the couple to bond during this very special time.

Once Baby has arrived, there are things that Mum and Partner can do to help the womb contract after birth and to help with pain relief and healing.

Five Element Acupuncture is also helpful in instances of breech or transverse presentation - see my blog

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