Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Can a Leopard Change its Spots?

So here's the thing. I had the most exciting shopping spree of my life last week, I went out of my comfort zone and tried on lots of 'different' things and came away with a new look and four new outfits.

Easier than I thought and much more fun than I expected.

Then came the hard part. I've actually got to WEAR these clothes - and for a whole day at a time, not just for a couple of minutes flouncing around the changing room in front of the mirror.

I have to admit that I am that person who buys something new but leaves it in the shopping bag for weeks on end before even hanging it up, let alone wearing it.

So this time I did it differently. The outfits came out of the carrier immediately and I hung them on the outside of my wardrobe so that they could shout 'WEAR ME' every time I looked at them.

Day 1 went well - piece of cake - even sent Nicki at 'Dream On' a text to boast about my achievement.

Day 2 - slight waver. Almost reached for the good old, comfortable favourite, but resisted. But already I could feel the pull of familiarity trying to edge its way back in. I realised that Day 3 would fail unless I acquired a couple of additional items (leggings and flatties), so I took another trip out and snapped those up, easy as wink.

Which meant that Day 3 was a success - three new items all at once. And armed and ready for Day 4.

But all of this got me thinking. How ridiculous does this sound?  How difficult is it to buy new clothes and to wear them? Well, for most people it's not difficult at all, but it is for me.

The reality of this is - it's not the clothes that are the problem, it's change. Initiating change in our lives is hard. First we have to recognise the need for change, then we have to implement it. This may require us to seek help but we must be willing to not only ask for help, but also to receive the guidance that is offered (thank you, Nicki).

But it doesn't stop there. We need to work hard in order to keep the momentum going, to recognise our potential to revert to old, to anticipate this happening and to put things in place to ensure we stay on our new path. And the beauty of it is - the more we do it, the better we get at it. Yes, change is hard - it requires constant awareness and effort in the beginning, but soon it becomes second nature and is our new zone of comfort.

Day 5 and 6 a breeze. Day 7 was a slob out day so back to days of old, but Week 2 - here I come and I'm on to it!

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