Tuesday 18 March 2014

Mums Need Looking After Too!

Calling all Mums out there! 

Mother's Day is the weekend after next and our little darlings are racking their brains to think of a suitable gift. Will it be chocolates, flowers, smellies or the latest Micky Bubble CD?

Whatever the gift, we'll be touched and really, really appreciative - won't we? Because it's the thought that counts. 

Hands up if you're that person who, when asked what they'd like for Mother's Day, says "I don't want anything, just a hug and a kiss will do me".

Hugs and kisses are wonderful gifts - so simple to give but so often overlooked. A tender touch and a warm embrace speak volumes - what's not to want?

But what do Mums really NEED?

Without a doubt, ALL Mums definitely NEED some time out for some quality ME TIME.

Mums spend so much time looking after children, partners and sometimes pets too, caring for their every need and giving their absolute all. It's all give, give, give but if we're not careful, before we know it we're all given out and there's nothing left. Our pot of giving is empty and needs replenishing. To carry on giving from an empty pot will leave us feeling empty, resentful, out of sorts and at risk of burn out.

For many Mums it is their very nature to put others before themselves, assuming the position at the bottom of the pile. These Mums do a brilliant job at caring for everyone else but are just rubbish at caring for themselves. They need to be reminded that it is OK to be on top of the pile once in a while - it's not being self-indulgent or selfish - it's called self-preservation.

One hour a month of quality 'ME TIME' would be the bare minimum. One hour a week would be amazing. Mother's Day would be a good day to start.

And remember - if we do not care for ourselves, we cannot care for others; if we cannot look after ourselves, we cannot look after others; if we do not respect ourselves, we cannot respect others.