Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Lee’s Story – Part 7/7: Life’s Lessons

Experiences such as these touch us at the deepest level.  They leave us much changed, and by this change we are opened up to greater understanding of the needs of others. We must learn to put aside our own emotional needs at a time when those around us cannot easily meet those demands. We can allow ourselves to draw upon our own experiences of loss in order to empathise with others, despite the risk of re-opening our own wounds, in the knowledge that we are all the more strong for having been there ourselves. Above all, we must learn to trust our instincts – and to make time to listen without judging.

And a final note to close...

I do not consider myself to be a healer. I have no special powers and would never dream to assume that any of what happened here was down to any specific skill of mine. These were Lee’s choices every step of the way – he chose to fight for those extra five months, and he chose to stop fighting when he knew his work was done and he could do no more.

I have however been fortunate enough to have been drawn to a very ancient, simple yet powerful method of treatment which helped me immensely in my hour of need. It would indeed be selfish of me if I did not pass this knowledge on to others, in the hope that they will glean from it whatever it is they need to make the necessary transformations in their own lives, just as I have been able to do in mine.

I will be eternally grateful to my Tutor and Mentor, Nora Franglen, and for her mantra of 'the simpler, the better', for without her guidance and influence I feel I would not have been able to do my best by Lee.

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