Tuesday, 12 November 2013

All I want for Christmas is ....A BABY

Traditionally a time for families, the magic of Christmas is just delightful when shared with little ones. It can also be an extremely stressful time however, particularly for women who are having difficulty with conceiving.
By far the most frequent enquiry I have in my Practice is from women who have been trying to get pregnant. Predominantly (but not exclusively)these are women in their mid to late thirties who have not as yet managed to conceive naturally,  may have suffered one or multiple miscarriages or are at varying stages of IVF. Most have gone through exhaustive tests with their partners, only to be told that there is no apparent explanation other than ‘it’s just not happening’. Distressing enough to find out that there is in fact a problem with either partner, but to be given no reason at all is perhaps the worst news that a couple trying for a baby could ever wish to hear. This is when disappointment, stress, anxiety and guilt are at their peak – and none of these emotions are conducive to conception.
So why is there such a high incidence of fertility issues? Undoubtedly stress is a hugely significant factor, as is lifestyle and diet. We work harder, longer and under greater pressure than ever before, we’re exhausted when we get home and make do with ‘quick fix’ processed meals. And then we go out and play even harder! It’s no wonder our bodies are feeling the strain.
Another factor is age.  A woman is at her most fertile at around 24 years of age, whereas a man can father children in his 70’s or older.  But nowadays it seems that couples are leaving it later and later before thinking about starting a family – and not surprisingly so. More than ever has it been necessary for both partners to be in full-time employment as house prices, student debt and general cost of living demand that this is so. Few 24-year old women these days would be anywhere near ready financially or indeed emotionally to give up work, settle down and raise a family. By the time they do feel ready, stress is often already an ingrained factor of their lives, exacerbated by the knowledge that their biological clock is ticking away fast.

Five Element Acupuncture offers a relaxing, drug –free approach to coping with fertility issues and may be safely undertaken in conjunction with conventional Western Medicine protocols. It aims to help the patient to find a better emotional and physical balance, so that the body is better prepared for conception. It also offers invaluable emotional support at a time when hormone levels may be very volatile eg before, during and after IVF, after miscarriage and failed attempts at conception.

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