Monday, 19 August 2013

What's Troubling Us?

Are we living in a troubled society?

A chance encounter the other week with someone who worked in UCS Admissions threw up an interesting fact.

The big eye opener for me came when I asked which courses were trending at the moment. About five years ago, apparently it was any IT/computer software-related courses which were hugely over-subscribed. According to my source on the inside, courses in psychology and social work are currently the most sought after, at least here in Suffolk.

So what message is this sending us, I asked?

My source thought that many students were signing up to these courses to self-diagnose and to try to sort out the problems in their own lives. But she stressed that this is absolutely NOT what these courses are about although students' expectations seem to be very different - this quickly leads to dissatisfaction and consequently a high drop-out rate.

Worrying times then when the youth of today has seemingly amassed so many of life's problems at a such an early stage - but actually, it is a really good sign that they are taking steps to seek solutions to address their emotional issues. Doing nothing is never a good option - movement and action are steps in the right direction, but it appears perhaps that youngsters are looking for help in the wrong place.

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