Wednesday, 28 August 2013

The End (Of the Summer Holidays) is Nigh .... Hooray?

For many with school-aged little darlings, it's seven days to go - and counting - before the start of the new term. Others need only wait until next Monday or Tuesday before breathing a sigh of relief as the house finally becomes silent again.. Thankfully, it did actually feel as if we had a proper summer this year, but sadly these care-free, heady days must come to an end and the reality of school, work and daily routine kick in once more.
Picture this - first day back at school, a flurry of activity, lunchboxes, new shoes and gym bags - and there's a new stress to the day because we've got out of the habit of getting out of the door on time. School run completed, here's betting there'll be many a Mum or Dad who will be sitting, staring into their coffee cup at home or at work, who will be completely overwhelmed by the wave of sheer exhaustion and relief as it hits them. Will this be you?
Whilst many kids apparently have boundless energy, the same cannot usually be said of Mum and Dad. Much of their energy will have been expended in directing and containing their children's energy over the past six weeks, and so by now Mum and Dad (and often Nanny, Grandad and and childminders too) are close to running on empty.
Children can be very demanding - bored children even more so, and it is down to the care giver to see that their needs are met as best they can. But continually giving from an empty 'pot' can be very damaging, leaving the carer feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, resentful and very out of sorts. And so it is vitally important that we take time out to re-charge, to replenish ourselves and to re-fill our 'pot of giving'.
Five Element Acupuncture is a wonderfully relaxing, safe and drug-free approach to re-charging those physical and emotional batteries. All school holiday survivors deserve to treat themselves - and when the dust finally settles, what better opportunity?

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